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December 5, 2017

Zoning-In on So-Called Premium Real Estate

It’s perhaps not quite true in the manner that it’s made out to be, that being that property is the biggest and best investment you can/will every make in your life, but if you know how to go about it then it’s every bit as true. It’s important to know exactly how to go about it though and I cannot emphasise this enough. Hint; it’s not in the manner through which the real estate agents collude with the banks to have you believing.

If anything, anything which is given to the general public as mass advice of sorts only serves the interests of whoever is giving that advice. “Keep your money with us” is one such piece of advice the banks will give you and to a certain degree you don’t quite have a choice, but it’s how you keep your money with them which will either serve their interests, serve your interests or meet the two parties halfway so that you both benefit. At times of emergencies, you could also sell your unused properties with the help of firms like Crawford Home Buyer. You can sell house for cash in smyrna, which might provide you with an instant settlement. With this funding, you can invest in other properties. Of course, I’m talking about property investment, particularly concerning the travel & tourism industry.
What is premium real estate?

You’ve probably heard the phrase bandied about so often that you might have even internalised it, to the point that if a real estate agent or a property listing copywriter invokes the phrase, sub-consciously you accept it for what it appears to be. But what is premium real estate really?

Premium real estate is not what the realtor says it is, although at times it very well could be. Those agents by utilizing seller leads might market the property to anyone and everyone that falls into their target audience. However, what premium real estate actually is, is what the location of the piece of land or property offers by way of the quality of life you’ll enjoy, but goes way beyond just the regular amenities such as being close to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. It’s about how the location relates to the ease with which your basic instincts can be satisfied. Some real estate agents can provide you with detailed explanations and guide you through the property hunt according to your requirements. For instance, say you want to learn about houses for sale in boise Idaho and a realtor is providing premium real estate, you can ask them what specific facilities you will get.

So to understand premium properties further, if the person trying to sell you a beachfront property or one from which you can see the ocean, it’s not actually about the sea view itself. It’s about what that represents – for one, close proximity to one of the best sources of food anyone would be happy to have access to, ideally for free as well, since you can basically take out a fishing boat and catch what is an almost pure protein in fish. Want to take a dip on a hot summer’s day without having to stress about the maintenance of a chlorine swimming pool? There’s always the ocean if you live near the coast…

So next time you think about what you’d do with the winnings by way of property investments while checking last night’s lottery numbers, remember that having all the money upfront like that is indeed the ideal situation to be in if you want to explore such an investment, but there are means and ways to get into this sort of property investment through borrowing. When you borrow you should borrow to pay off the premium real estate asset, ideally while that asset continues to generate you money through cash flow.