Exploring the World’s Most Unique and Unusual Hotels

In a world where travel is more accessible than ever, the quest for extraordinary experiences has led to the rise of unique and unusual hotels that redefine the meaning of accommodation. These one-of-a-kind lodgings offer travelers an opportunity to stay in places that are far from ordinary, often combining stunning architecture, innovative design, and immersive experiences. In this article, we will take you on a journey to explore some of the world’s most exceptional hotels that promise an unforgettable stay.

Treehouse Retreats: Sleeping in the Canopy

Treehouse hotels have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering a blend of luxury and nature that is unparalleled. These elevated accommodations provide guests with a unique perspective of the surrounding environment while ensuring a cozy and comfortable stay. From the lush rainforests of Costa Rica to the wilderness of Sweden, treehouses offer a magical escape for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Underwater Hotels: Sleeping with the Fishes

For those seeking an aquatic adventure, underwater hotels provide an opportunity to sleep with the fishes – quite literally. Submerged beneath the ocean’s surface, these hotels offer mesmerizing views of marine life and underwater landscapes through large windows or transparent walls. The Maldives and Dubai are home to some of the most famous underwater hotels, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the wonders of the deep blue sea.

Ice and Snow Accommodations: Frozen Fantasies

In regions with extreme cold, ice and snow hotels offer a truly unique and chilling experience. These hotels, constructed entirely from ice and snow, are a testament to human ingenuity and artistic creativity. Guests sleep on icy beds wrapped in thermal sleeping bags while surrounded by intricately carved ice sculptures. The Icehotel in Sweden and the SnowHotel in Finland are iconic examples of this frosty fascination.

Historical and Converted Buildings: Time-Traveling Abodes

Some of the most unique hotels are found within historical or converted buildings that have been repurposed into luxurious lodgings. Staying in a former castle, lighthouse, monastery, or prison can transport you back in time while providing modern amenities and comforts. These hotels offer a blend of history, culture, and architecture that is both captivating and memorable.

Unconventional Accommodations: Beyond Four Walls

Beyond the traditional confines of hotel rooms, travelers can now opt for unconventional accommodations that defy categorization. From sleeping in a converted Boeing 727 airplane in Costa Rica to staying in a giant shoe-shaped hotel in South Africa, these quirky options cater to those seeking novelty and adventure in their travels.


The world’s most unique and unusual hotels offer travelers an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and into a realm of extraordinary experiences. Whether it’s sleeping in a treehouse, beneath the waves, amidst ice and snow, within historical structures, or in unconventional abodes, these hotels redefine the concept of accommodation. They invite guests to create lasting memories and stories to share, proving that the journey itself can be just as remarkable as the destination. So, as you plan your next adventure, consider venturing beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the extraordinary with a stay in one of these remarkable hotels.

Eco Stays Sustainable and Green Hotels Leading the Way

The hospitality industry, traditionally associated with luxury and indulgence, is undergoing a profound transformation. In an era where sustainability is paramount, many hotels are redefining the meaning of luxury by emphasizing eco-friendliness and responsible tourism. These “Eco Stays” are not only minimizing their environmental impact but are actively contributing to a better, greener future. Their practices range from energy conservation and waste reduction to community engagement and wildlife protection. As travelers become increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, these sustainable hotels offer a perfect blend of comfort and conservation. This article spotlights the pioneering efforts of green hotels and their commitment to sustainable tourism. Let’s embark on an eco-friendly journey and explore these green havens.

Harnessing Renewable Energy Sources

A key feature of sustainable hotels is their dedication to using renewable energy, often sourced from platforms similar to premrng.com. Many are equipped with solar panels, harnessing the sun’s power to generate electricity for daily operations. Wind turbines, where feasible in certain regions, have become a familiar sight in some eco-friendly stays. Through geothermal systems, hotels tap into the earth’s internal heat, providing heating or cooling as needed. These renewable energy sources significantly reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to mitigating climate change, ensuring guests can enjoy their stay guilt-free.

Water Conservation Initiatives

Water is a precious resource, and eco stays are at the forefront of conservation efforts. Implementing graywater recycling systems, these hotels reuse water from showers and sinks for landscape irrigation. Rainwater harvesting is another innovative practice, where water is collected, stored, and used for various hotel operations. To reduce water waste, many eco stays have installed low-flow fixtures and toilets. These initiatives not only save vast amounts of water but also help in preserving local ecosystems and reducing the strain on municipal supplies.

Zero-Waste Philosophy

Sustainable hotels often operate under a zero-waste philosophy. This means they actively minimize waste generation and ensure that whatever waste is produced is either recycled or composted. From eliminating single-use plastics to implementing comprehensive recycling programs, these hotels are pioneers in waste reduction. In-house composting units turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, which is then used to enrich hotel gardens. The emphasis is on circular systems where waste is viewed not as trash but as a resource with potential for reuse.

Local and Organic Culinary Offerings

One of the delights of traveling is savoring local cuisine. Eco stays elevate this experience by sourcing ingredients locally and organically. By supporting local farmers and fisheries, these hotels bolster community economies and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food over long distances. Organic farming practices, devoid of harmful pesticides and chemicals, ensure that the food is not only delicious but also healthy and sustainable. Diners can relish their meals, knowing they are enjoying flavors that are good for them and the planet.

Community Engagement and Empowerment

True sustainability goes beyond environmental initiatives; it encompasses social responsibility. Leading eco stays understand this and actively engage with local communities. This might mean partnering with local artisans to showcase their handicrafts or collaborating with schools for educational programs. By offering training and employment opportunities, these hotels uplift local populations, ensuring they benefit from the tourism industry. Such community-centric practices create a deeper, more meaningful travel experience for guests.


Eco stays are much more than hotels; they are a testament to the fact that luxury and sustainability can coexist. By choosing to stay at these green havens, travelers not only indulge in eco-friendly luxury but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Next time you plan your travels, consider opting for an eco stay. Dive into the world of sustainable hospitality and experience a stay that’s as enriching for you as it is beneficial for the planet. Explore, enjoy, and leave a green footprint behind!

Devon vs Cornwall: Which is the Ultimate Staycation Hotspot?

When it comes to staycation spots in the UK, two names always come up: Devon and Cornwall. Both are extraordinary spots with their own unique pros and cons, and it can be a bit difficult to choose between the two. 

If you’re looking to figure out which one is best for you, check out this quick guide covering the details of both the UK’s top staycation spots. 

Holiday Parks in Devon

There are four holiday parks in Devon that truly stand out: The Devon Holiday Parks near Woolacombe. 

These four parks are a unique feature for any holiday because they function as one big park. You pay one price, and you can use any of the four parks you wish whenever you want. 

This adds a huge level of variety to any holiday since each of the four parks has its themes. There’s the fancy Gold Coast park featuring multiple indoor and outdoor pools with slides and splash zones, saunas, spas, and a terrific view, the Woolacombe park that’s right alongside the beautiful Woolacombe beach, the traditional campground that lets you reconnect with nature, and a family-oriented park that features pools, children’s play areas, and an easier walk to the beach that’s accessible for younger children. 

Getting access to all four of those options makes it possible to have a cost-effective holiday that caters to the whole family’s taste, and there’s plenty of variety to make longer staycations never get dull. 

However, there are only two beaches that are considered nearby to the park. The Woolacombe beach is visible from the Woolacombe park, and visitors can easily walk from their accommodations to the beach within a matter of minutes. Near the traditional campground, the sandy coves of the Bristol Channel make for a relaxing and natural getaway. 

In terms of man-made attractions, the holiday parks in Devon offer the most variety and a better bang for your buck. You can also rest assured that every experience will have an unmatched level of quality. However, beach lovers may want to consider Cornwall for reasons we’ll go over, now. 

Cornwall Holiday Parks

Cornwall’s main holiday park is in Newquay, and it’s likely the park you’ll look at when you go to book your staycation in the area. 

The Newquay park offers a modern-themed resort with accommodations that are both families friendly and suitable for couples or groups of friends. The park also has three pools, splash pads for children, children’s play areas, and saunas that help adults find deep relaxation with ease. 

You don’t get multiple parks with various themes, though. That’s a unique perk of the holiday parks in Devon. 

Instead, you get a beautiful location surrounded by 11 nearby beaches. The beaches are one of Cornwall’s best selling points. Most of them can be reached via a short drive with relatively little traffic on most days, and those that can’t are accessible with a brief walk from the park. 

For beach lovers, having 11 options to choose from and a high-quality park to return to is the perfect staycation. However, you won’t get the same variety that you’d have at holiday parks in Devon. 

The Final Verdict

For people who love the beach, Cornwall is an amazing option. However, Devon Holiday Parks beats it in every other way. There are four different parks to choose from for the price of one, each option provides unlimited opportunities for different types of fun, and while beach access is slightly more limited, there are two stellar options available within walking distance. 

5 Reasons to Visit Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai Aquaventure waterpark is one of those experiences that I think everyone should have at least once in their lives. Voted the no. 1 waterpark in Dubai, it is ranked among the best in the world right next to Universal’s Volcano Bay and Blizzard beach both found in Florida. Dubai Aquaventure makes a promise to make you feel different in water, a bold statement that they keep on proving day in, day out.

The waterpark is part of a wider selection of attractions that Atlantis the Palm Resort offers. This resort is built on a man-made island called Palm Jumeirah that is a host to aquariums, world-renowned hotels, and activities that will engage both the young and the old alike.

The waterpark boasts several attractions that are comparable only to the world’s best in this field. These attractions are coupled with great deals that ensure tourists can enjoy the rides of their choice at affordable prices. Their official site promises to have your pulse racing on a range of over 25 water slides and attractions.

Opposite to what a lot of people think, you don’t have to be a guest for you to be able to attend the waterpark. This makes Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark, an attractive option for anyone considering holiday destinations. Here are other reasons why you should consider it:

The Beach

Dubai Aquaventure boasts a dedicated private beach that stretches 1km that is available only to its customers. Due to the hotels’ unique geographic location, enough

space was set aside for the creation of a world-class beach that amazes even the most enthusiastic of travelers.

The beach will be useful for people that might be discouraged by the idea of high-energy activities like water slides that seem to be readily available. A beach all to yourself should be inviting enough for you to relax while the rest of your crew wears itself down.


The waterpark has created one of the best experiences for its clients and this is because of its ability to detach its experience from that of the resort. Through ATD, the only ticket seller, Aquaventure offers a one-time admission ticket that will be valid for a day or two depending on the type.

This means that you don’t have to worry about booking a night at the resort for you to access the waterpark. Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or online, but we recommend the latter, and here is why.

This is the best place to buy Aquaventure tickets anywhere online that allows users to

make payments using both online coupons and online vouchers. Here clients are assured of bargains and great deals including ones where online coupons or online vouchers can be applied.

According to the official site, tourists can get lower prices and discounts when they purchase online tickets. This is made possible by allowing tourists to load voucher codes or coupon codes.

This great feature ensures that your trip is easier to plan and way more affordable. The site’s provision for the entry of both coupon codes and voucher codes makes it very attractive as this means that a lot of money can be saved if used correctly. ATD provides online tickets that can be used on any day as long as it lies within 14 days of buying the ticket.


Here is another option for people looking for a much-chilled experience. Aquaventure boasts around 2.3 Kilometers of interconnected rivers. All you need is a tube, and you can float away on the rivers’ lazy waters while you enjoy the exotic Dubai scenery and weather. This can also be a spot where you take breaks between the high-energy sessions. You should definitely try it out.

The Food

Visitors usually have this picture of Dubai. A posh holiday destination that promises value for your money while providing life-changing experiences concurrently. The waterpark is the perfect embodiment of this picture.

Aquaventure houses over 15 different restaurants from which different cuisines are served from. Do you fancy some Sushi? Or you’re in the mood for some Ice cream? Even if it’s Arabian food you’re after, this is the right place to satisfy and refuel to ensure you stay strong throughout the day.

The thrills

Dubai is famous as a tourist destination because of its ability to constantly evolve and look for ways to break world records, they never settle. Aquaventure takes this even further. Aquaconda which has been ranked as the “World’s Largest Waterslide” will be a step outside of any adrenaline junky’s comfort zone.

Others worth mentioning include a Shark Lagoon that one might find themselves in when they exit a slide and a waterslide within a waterslide. This last site can be added to the list of world firsts that are housed within the waterpark.

Things to Do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is a modern port city in the Netherlands in the northeast of the country, renowned for its cobbled streets, shops, museums, and fairs.

Like most European ports, Rotterdam is best visited from the air and from the water – cruises are also an affordable way to see the city. There are regular flights into Rotterdam from all major European airports and both Rotterdam and The Hague are well connected to most European destinations by train.

The city is ringed by green hills and is also home to a number of beautiful parks. With just a day in Rotterdam it is easy to see and do everything.

1. Visit the city centre, Rotterdam

The city centre has beautiful cobbled streets which are both very distinctive and beautiful. There are several pleasant parks and gardens, including Spaarndam, where visitors can take a river tour on the iconic Doorenbosch flower boat, enjoy a drink and enjoy the scenery.

The Stadpark Rotterdam, is a very large municipal park surrounded by elegant buildings and is very popular with visitors.

2. Visit the opera house, Rotterdam

The Rotterdam opera house, located on the Damse Schouwburg in the centre of the city is a beautiful building, with a distinctive silhouette.

A walk around the inner city of Rotterdam reveals many other beautiful buildings, including the renovated Rietberg Monument and the more modest but charming Batenburg Palace.

The Golden Hall, located in the Museum Pier is a great spot to enjoy the art of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

3. See the beaches, Rotterdam

Beautiful beaches can be found in the city, which makes it a great vacation spot for beach lovers. Stadtpark is one of Rotterdam’s best beaches, and it stretches out along the water. Since CBD is legal in the Netherlands, you can even take weed edibles purchased from websites like weedsmart with you to the beach to enhance your enjoyment of the soothing sound of the waves.

4. Visit the annual Rotterdam Flower Exhibition

Another popular attraction is the Rotterdam Flower Exhibition, which is held at the Willem III Museum.

Beside the annual flower exhibition visitors can also take a guided tour to the newly opened “Art of the Sea Museum” which showcases the most exceptional examples of marine art in the city.

As well as art, the museum has many interesting exhibits relating to Rotterdam’s history and culture.

For a unique view of Rotterdam, take a guided tour of the building, the Schupoenkoren, which houses the Rotterdam Christmas Market each year.

5. Visit the museum of Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Rotterdam has several museums, with the Rotterdam Museum of Art one of the most popular attractions.

The museum features numerous exhibitions of both modern and historic Dutch art, including paintings, sculptures and fashion pieces.

6. Visit the fire station, Rotterdam

The Rotterdam fire station is located in the centre of Rotterdam on the Damse Schouwburg. Take a guided tour to learn about the history of the fire brigade and Rotterdam’s early history as a city.

7. Take a boat tour, Rotterdam

Another popular way to get around Rotterdam is with a tour.

Boat tours are available on most days of the week, with the CBD Edibles UK visitors have access to perhaps steering them in the direction of Rotterdam instead of the usual Amsterdam to enjoy boat tours, this as an alternative to what most travellers typically visit the Netherlands for.

How to get around in Crete Greece

As the largest of the Greek islands, naturally you might be inclined to think Crete operates in the same way as any other traditional island nation. However, you’d be required to view the public transport system in Crete as one that’s designed mainly to service the tourism industry. Even though there’s taxi availability for the public, that service is not really what one would refer to as proper public transportation. The only proper means of established public transportation in Crete is a bus.

However, it must be acknowledged that Crete’s bus network is quite impressively extensive, making it easy enough to get around pretty much the entirety of the island. And although it’s nothing short of a tourism geared island, by European standards, the fares are pretty reasonable as they’re regulated by the government.

The main coastal road hugging the north of the island is the busiest of the bus routes, boasting an hourly service. The south coast gets less frequent services, so too the inland villages.

Major tourist attractions are also serviced, including Knossos,Phaestos, Moni Arkadiou, Moni Preveli, Omalas Plateau and Gortys. Even Hora Sfakion is accessible with a ferry that departs from Loutro and another one from Agia Roumeli.

Tavern which double-up ticket offices for the smaller bus stations might very well have you questioning their authenticity. Otherwise the bigger towns there have are covered central bus stations which are pretty much easily distinguishable. You should always take the opportunity to ask around if you’re not sure. Tickets can also be paid for on the bus, but be mindful of the fact that schedules can change pretty much any time.

Taking a bus inevitably denies you the option of stopping wherever and whenever your heart desires, perhaps to explore some of those places where you might enjoy a bit more time alone along with the unique culture. So all in all car rental in Crete is a much better option – the best option, in fact. It’s way better even than relying on the transportation provide as part of the many guided tours to get around.

For any first-time visitor, Chania would most probably make for the nearest central point to want to stay.

If you’re rather on the lookout for more of a small-town charm to go with the radiance of some of the cutest, remote villages, the south of the island is where you should look.

So, while it is indeed possible to get around with the island of Crete’s version of what can be loosely referred to as public transport, you won’t quite have the flexibility which will be required of someone who can come away from this part of the world having had the fully quintessential experience of the city. Having access to a car means that you can decide to drive from the east coast all the way to the west coast, at your own leisure, in no more than an hour-and-a-half. Try to that by bus or taxi and you’ll inevitably come away from the experience frustrated.

5 Things Business Travellers Should Look for in a Serviced Apartment

Looking for the right kind of accommodation is always important, but it becomes even more so when you’re travelling for business. Many business travellers take advantage of serviced apartments, and here are just five things they should look for when booking. Continue reading 5 Things Business Travellers Should Look for in a Serviced Apartment

Boutique Hotel vs. Boutique Serviced Apartment

If you want to book one of the more luxurious types of accommodation, you’ve probably found yourself attracted to boutique hotels and boutique serviced apartments. The problem comes when you need to choose between them – here are just a few aspects to consider that may help you make a better choice. Continue reading Boutique Hotel vs. Boutique Serviced Apartment

Casinos in the UK worth visiting

The UK is fast becoming a hub for casinos – particularly ‘land based’ casinos (traditional, real life ones). Every major city now has at least one huge option for avid gamblers or fleeting flutterers.

Despite there being an increased demand and focus on online gaming and casinos, there is still a huge market for those with the look, smell and feel of a secure gaming floor. Late opening hours and a more friendly appeal to gambling first-timers has seen an increase in interest also.

Here are some of the best ones in the UK which are worth a visit.

Genting Club Casino, Birmingham

Not only is Birmingham now referred to as the Second City, described by David Cameron as a “powerhouse” during his tenure as Prime Minister. It is now also a go-to city for gaming.

The Genting Club Casino in Birmingham is more reminiscent of Las Vegas than the West Midlands. Sat in the middle of Brum’s Star City entertainment complex, this casino has a grand exterior, an enormous sign and plenty of neon.

The Genting Group, a firm based in Malaysia, have gone all out to give the impression of a major casino facility. On the inside, revellers are offered American Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat among several other electronic games.

Rendezvous, Brighton

Placed in the Marina, this casino is only 2 miles from the centre of Brighton. It has a valet parking service (again, very reminiscent of it’s big brothers in Vegas) and very well presented, trained and helpful staff. A nice feature, as it makes players both old and new feel comfortable and welcome.

The casino is very large. It has a restaurant, Roulette, Blackjack tables and 3 Card Poker, as well as 20 or so slots and electronic gaming machines. As with most casinos in the UK, ID is very much recommended despite it being an ‘open door’ facility. If your preference or necessity is online gaming, check how to do it securely, visit http://www.onlinescam.net/uk/casino/.

Alea Casino, Glasgow

Beautiful in its design, Alea brings a taste of London into the city. A modern building with a very spacious internal feel, this London Clubs International-owned casino is set in Springfield Quay which gives visitors some excellent variety in the way of restaurants and bars.
The selection of games is strong, which includes a wide range of roulette terminals and electronic gaming machines. Membership options include ‘Player Rewards,’ which allows players to collect points at tables and machines and then redeem food, drink and souvenirs at the venue.

A great building and an excellent model for frequent visitors.

Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff

If you ever find yourself in Cardiff for the weekend, it’s definitely worth stopping off at Les Croupiers (‘The Croups’).

Far from a spring chicken (opened 40 years ago) it doesn’t look the brightest from the outside, but the inside has retained its style and visual allure for visiting gamers.

It’s a stone’s throw from Cardiff City Stadium if football is also your thing, and the venue offers   Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Punto Banco, Mah Jong and plenty of gaming machines. It’s also littered with bars and restaurants to fuel your evening into the early hours.