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About Me

Cardiff is a great place to live. For starters, the city has lots to offer, is the proud capital of Wales, and perhaps most importantly, Cardiff has a plethora of breathtaking beaches at its doorstep. As a writer, I appreciate the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as the immediate possibility to escape!

John, my husband, is a marketing advisor for a local advertising agency and loves heading out to the countryside at weekends just as much as I do. The kids? Well, they can’t wait for Friday each week in sheer anticipation of where we are going to go this time. The three of them are big enough to truly enjoy our adventures and particularly relish excursions without a set destination. Some Fridays, we just hop into the car and drive off, without having made any particular plan or having booked a hotel for the night. John and I also appreciate the sense of freedom and adventure we get from these trips. After all, we are all caught up in the rat race to some extent all week long.

The UK Coast

The coast of the British Isles is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful coastlines in the world. We may not have Mediterranean sunshine, however, our arches, stacks, and caves, as well as the wild oceans capture all your senses and leave you feeling equally refreshed and mesmerised. The stunning coastal towns, magnificent cliffs, the solitude, and the power of the ocean combine to provide locals and visitors with an abundance of vibrancy. On this website, you’ll find out about the best places to explore, while also learning a little about the geology and geography of this rich coastal landscape.

Having a pint of beer and a delicious dinner at a local pub after a day spent in the vicinity of the wild oceans, is certainly one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend.

UK Coastal Blogging and the Joy of Writing

There is no shortage of travel blogs, however, none celebrates the wonders of the UK coast as much as my blog. Apart from describing its sheer beauty, I also provide lots of travel tips as well as accommodation, restaurant and pub reviews. In short, if you are considering a trip to anywhere along the British coast, you’ll find all the information here.

I’m lucky because I can combine my love of writing with my devotion to the beauty of the UK coast, and this website is really a marriage of the two.

This Website

This website will be useful to you if you love writing or indeed if you are looking for information about the UK coastline. The content, does, however, also expand into other areas such as family stuff, lifestyle, health, and beyond.

While I started this website purely to pursue my passion for writing and publicise the UK coast, realising that the blog and website are being so well received and steadily increasing in popularity, has been great.  It’s also been a joy to receive lots of writing and travel related enquiries and get to know lots of interesting people.