UK Coast


Businesses providing facilities and services for visitors to the UK coastal area have done exceedingly well from advertising here. Hotels and restaurants reported increased booking rates, while tour operators and facility providers also saw enquiry and take-up rates rise sharply. Thanks to our deep dedication to this stunning area and the provision of highly useful information, the visitor numbers to this website are still experiencing strong growth.

Equally, our own engagement rates with the writing content continue to grow steadily. This has been of enormous benefit to companies providing products and services for writing professionals and enthusiasts. Writing course providers, computer suppliers, advertising services, printers, and many other businesses have run extremely successful advertising campaigns on this site.

Monetised Blog

The vast majority of serious bloggers aim to monetize their blog and do so quite successfully. The same can be said for us. Ultimately, a lot of time and effort go into the creation and maintenance of a well-known website and blog and the creators obviously endeavour to make some money from all their hard work and dedication.

For us, advertising automatically became a feature of this site once we had crossed the 10’000 monthly visitor threshold. When approached for advertising space, we were glad to oblige and grateful for the additional income. I do tend to be thorough in what I do and consequently spent a lot of time perfecting the advertising options on offer.

Collaborating with Advertisers

We work closely with all our advertisers to ensure each partner meets her/his target and gets a good return on investment. By initially defining targets, discerning precisely what each business has on offer and then creating the best possible campaign, we have managed to foster the growth and expansion of every advertiser.

The process is simple. All you really need to do is provide as much information about your business and the products or services you provide. Most importantly, you need to tell us about your target group and outline your campaign goals. You can then leave the rest to us,  and rest assured that our experience will allow us to craft a viable and profitable campaign for you.

The Target Group Demographics

To date, 14’000 different people visit this site every month, and we expect this number to reach 20’000 within the next few months. Our readers come from all over the world, and all of them are well-educated. They are either seeking information on the British coastline or writing tips.

Let Your Business Shine

Regardless of the option you choose, your business will increase its visibility and raise its online profile. People. you may have had difficulty in targeting may well click on your visually evocative ad and go on to purchase your product or avail of your service. Online visibility is crucial these days, particularly because visitors tend to check out their destination on the internet before travelling.

Lots of Tailored Options

Our advertising options go beyond merely publishing your ad or offering you a banner. We can make your advertising campaign as broad as you wish, continually focusing on your goals. We can also add a review or social media drive if you would prefer a really comprehensive campaign.

Simply email us and ask for our advertising campaign information pack. We’ll give you a few days to study it and will then get in touch to answer all your questions and start planning your campaign.

The entire process couldn’t be more straightforward, and we will make sure your small investment in time and money produces the best possible rewards.