UK Coast
July 28, 2023

What To Expect from a Holiday Park Stay 

Booking a summer holiday that caters for all members of the family can be tough. With so many accommodation options available, it’s hard to decide which one is the right for you. One option that’s become popular in recent years is holiday parks. If you’re considering a stay in a holiday park, here are some things that Cornwall, Yorkshire and Devon holiday parks (and many more!) can offer that you might want to know before going through with your booking. 

Stay in beautiful surroundings 

You’ll typically find holiday parks located in beautiful locations around the UK. Whether nestled in the heart of leafy Pembrokeshire or on the stunning coast of North Devon, holiday parks offer a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Expect to wake up to breathtaking views and lush greenery accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature. 

Range of accommodation options

Whatever your preference or budget, you can find the perfect accommodation option to suit you at a holiday park. From basic camping sites and caravan parks to cosy cabins and hot tub lodges, take your pick! If you’re a seasoned camper or prefer a stay with all of the modern amenities, most holiday parks will offer a range of different options to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

Enjoy the community feel

When you book a stay at a holiday park, expect to feel part of the community. You’ll have the chance to meet fellow holidaymakers and make new like-minded friends. A lot of holiday parks organise social events and gatherings that give the opportunity for guests to interact and forge lasting connections. Whether you’re travelling with friends, in a couple or with family you’ll find your place and a sense of belonging with a holiday park stay. 

Outdoor adventures on your doorstep

If you’re after an active holiday full of adventures, staying in a holiday park is an excellent choice. Find endless opportunities for outdoor fun such as hiking, cycling, fishing and water sports like surfing and paddle boarding. Explore nearby coastal paths, or coasteer around them with the help of a guide. Step out of your front door and find endless activities to do in the area around your holiday park. 

Onsite activities

Beyond their natural beauty and outdoor activities, holiday parks also offer a range of leisure and entertainment options to keep all of their visitors, no matter what age, engaged. From crazy golf, movie nights, and evening entertainment to spa facilities, pools and bars, you won’t have a boring moment at a holiday park. Wherever you wake up and want to do, you’ll probably find it during your stay. 

Convenient and packed with amenities

Holiday parks are designed to provide convenience and comfort to guests. Onsite shops, cafes and restaurants are not uncommon, making it easy to grab essential supplies and enjoy delicious meals without leaving the park. Additionally, many holiday parks offer laundry facilities, wi-fi access and other modern conveniences to ensure a comfortable stay.