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November 12, 2017

Underexplored Topics for Travel Bloggers to Specialise in

Unlike with many other niches, the travel blogging niche is largely made up of a community of bloggers who are more than willing to collaborate with each other and help each other out, extending these courtesies to newbie and budding travel bloggers as well. So in doing my bit to help out any newbie travel bloggers out there I periodically share some tips on travel blogging, including a recent post about how to start a travel blog proper.

So in this particular post I’m going to share with those budding travel bloggers some travel blogging topics which are not all that extensively discussed by existing travel bloggers, leaving open a nice little gap for you to forge your own market and perhaps grow from that. After all, you have to have some sort of speciality or main theme which can be associated with your travel blog and it has to cover something you are knowledgeable about. If you’re also passionate about that main theme then all the better, but that’s not an explicit requisite as is often made out to be.

Obviously where you lack in expertise you can make up for it through the deployment of your research skills – research skills which are fortunately very heavily reliant on something which his readily available to all of us in the ability to use our favourite search engine to find information.

A common research mistake made by travel bloggers or bloggers active in any niche for that matter is that of merely re-writing the information they find through their search engine queries on certain topics, particularly paraphrasing some of the information they find through the search results indexed near the top or on the first page. If you do this you’re only contributing to the sea of repeated information which is responsible for the chronic information overload the modern day internet user is made to suffer.

Every next post you publish on your blog needs to be useful – it needs to provide value to the reader, so in addition to your research skills you’ll need to apply some refinement and organisation skills.

And with that I’ll jump right into those underexplored niches within the overall travel blogging niche, one of which is addressing a specific aspect of travelling, like exploring the legal side of travelling.

I’m pretty sure there are thousands if not millions of potential readers who would truly appreciate a list of all the motorcycle accident lawyers from around the world who offer free consultations for example, if not listed alongside those who offer consultation at a fee, but then naturally you’d have to list those fees. Take it a step further and really get into a comparison of which option would be the best, such as perhaps the one offering free consultations in Utah boasting a very good record of winning cases for their clients over one which takes a consultation fee regardless of the case and outcome.

It’s really just a matter of applying this type of thinking to any little sub-niche and you’ll soon realise that there are plenty of underexplored niches of this sort to blog about.