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November 24, 2017

Tips For Saving Money For That Much Needed Vacation

All of us dream of some kind of vacation. We all need some time to get away. Whether that is to our favorite camp site in the woods or to the beaches of Mexico, it’s going to cost us some of our hard earned money. Unfortunately, we are not all made of money.

Some of us do good to make minimum wage, but even those below the national poverty line need a break every now and again. So, how can you manage to carve out a niche for your vacation when you can barely seem to keep your bills current? Below are some suggestions on how to save for your much needed respite.

Spend Less on Your Workout

With the Holidays just around the corner, the health world focus is locked on the potential for expanding waistlines. With this in mind, several thousands of people will pick up the pace on their way to the gym.

A typical gym membership can run anywhere from $30-$50 a month. You are looking at spending a possible $600 a year, sometimes more, to do something you could accomplish at home for free. You could take up jogging, start a walking club with your friends, do some good old fashioned push-ups and sit-ups, and invest in some weights.

Not only will you save money on the gym membership, you will save money on the gas you would normally spend to get there and home each time you make the trip. Take that money and bank it for your vacation.

Cut Your Housing Expenses

When you move into your first home, you open the book to a new world. There are new experiences around every corner. There are new neighbors, new sounds, new schedules, and new bills. Some of those bills are inescapable, but there are ways to lower them. The first way is to make sure the temperature in your home stays at a comfortable setting.

Most women like the temperature to stay a little warmer and men are just the opposite. Find a happy medium and make sure to keep from adjusting it up and down too often. This causes the unit to work harder and raises your electric or gas bill. Next, install a clothesline out in the backyard.

When the days are sunny or the wind has picked up, use mother nature to help keep your electric bill down. Also, make sure to check all your water fixtures for leaks. A leaking faucet could cost you plenty of time and money that could be much better spent on a family vacation. Furthermore, if you have an oil heater in your home, you can save extra money by enrolling in an oil heater budget plan at websites like

Pick Up a Temporary Part Time Job

In the end, sometimes you have done all that you can do to cut the budget and have saved everything you can. However, it’s still not enough. In the event you can’t save enough by cutting back, take up a part time job on the side.

Yes, it means that you will spend a few more hours at work and there will be nights that you are asleep before your head hits the pillow. Be that as it may, with a part time job, you will quickly put enough away for a decent vacation and in the process you will set a wonderful example to yourself and your family of working hard for what you want.

That vacation is not only possible, but is already waiting on you. Use these tips to start saving your way to rest and relaxation.