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January 15, 2020

The top five education-related online courses

Giving your kids the best chance of achieving top marks at school is something that every parent strives to provide. But did you know that you can support their learning by providing them with an education-related online course?

From out-of-the-box methods to more traditional thinking, there are plenty of online tools available to help your child reach their full potential. All you may need is a mobile or computer and a good internet connection for your kid to utilize online education resources from any part of the world. For internet, you can look for internet providers los angeles or elsewhere in your close vicinity to ensure your kid doesn’t face any hurdles in their learning. As for the study resources, read on to find out five of the best education-related online courses that will complement the National Curriculum or could be opted for upskilling.

1. London Art College: Drawing for Children Online Art Course 1

The London Art College: Drawing for Children Online Art Course 1 ( is an excellent way for keen artists to refine their art skills and enjoy a structured yet creative outlet.

Created to progress young artists’ drawing skills to an advanced level, this online course focuses on form, shade and composition. It is designed for children aged seven years and older, offering a step by step guide to basic drawing techniques that will be essential in secondary school. It also offers extensive tutor support, with a dedicated tutor on-hand to help your child reach their full potential.

2. Memrise Premium – Global language courses from 4 a month

In children, being multi-lingual is proven to improve cognitive, social and emotional development. Furthermore, it has been shown to help kids in school by giving them better problem-solving abilities.

Memrise ( is a Mumsnet-favourite online educational course, with over 200 global languages to choose from. Built around the concept of ‘mems’ (mnemonic devices in the form of visually and mentally triggering cues), Memrise has used the latest brain and language science to develop a highly effective online course for every age. Helping the brain to learn and retain new information by using pictures, symbols, memorable situations and more, Memrise’s online learning is especially beneficial for children.

3. Udemy – Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch for 49.99

Giving your kids the opportunity to explore a path in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and how it can apply outside of school is an excellent way to capture their interest for the future. Try a short coding course such as Udemy’s “Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in Scratch” ( as a fun and relaxed way to introduce children to coding. If that one isn’t to your liking, there are other great courses as well, you could check out the udemy reviews for a number of different courses, then pick the one that suits your kids the best.

Specially created for seven to eight-year-olds, this course acts as an entry to coding, turning it into a game and teaching children the building-blocks of what coding is. The programming language used in this course is Scratch, developed by MIT for beginners and kids. Children will be able to learn a range of computer science topics and more complex learning, cleverly disguised with fun animations, games and characters.

4. Hoffman Academy Premium – Online Piano Lessons for $18 per month

The Hoffman Academy ( is an excellent online resource, not only teaching children how to play music, but how to understand it too. It’s an ideal online course for budding songwriters or music enthusiasts.

Based entirely around ‘The Hoffman Method’, these online lessons teach children to play the piano by ear and sight alike. Initially teaching children how to make music by ear, it introduces more complex skills that include improvisation, sight-reading, music theory and more.

5. Exemplar Education – Individual Study Plans from 12 a week

Created specifically to support the National Curriculum, Exemplar Education ( is an ideal add-on to your child’s maths and English schoolwork. By providing an online course that is bespoke to their needs, children are able to learn traditional subjects in a way that harnesses their strengths and supports their weaknesses. Virtual teaching is a key element of their online courses and it provides an engaging, user-friendly process that complements term-time lesson plans in a more modern way.

Many Exemplar Education reviews highlight the benefits of this, and it is known to boost your child’s confidence and enthusiasm in school, as well as improve their grades. The cost of Exemplar Education is also a pleasant surprise, being a fraction of the price of private tutors.

Whatever course you decide on for your child, make sure to consider your motivations. Are you looking to support a child struggling in school, or are you looking for something to harness their full potential? If it’s the latter, opting for more creative-led and outside-of-the-box courses such as The Hoffman Academy or Programming for kids may be best. Otherwise, more structured courses that can offer a fresh take on the national curriculum may be more beneficial, such as the London Art College or Exemplar Education.