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August 24, 2017

Princess Diana: The Life of her Royalty

Twenty years after her death, Lady Diana is still remembered for her acts of kindness and for her gentle public appearances. Before becoming the Duchess and legend for which she is remembered today, lies a story.

Diana Spencer was home schooled until the age of 9; it was common for kids from upper-class to be taught at home. She then attended Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk before being sent to a boarding school, the West Health School, at the age of 12.

After having attended a school in Sweden, Diana worked as a cleaner and babysitter. She then took a job at a kindergarten garden at Young England School. The young lady’s dream was to become a ballet dancer. However, she could not excel in this field because of her tall height. But her passion for this form of art made her a big supporter of the English National Ballet.

A less known fact is that Lady Diana’s grandmother was a great friend of Queen Elizabeth. It is believed that the two encouraged the wedding, however this has been denied as Diana was not very close to her late grandma. Diana met Prince Charles at the age of 16, when her sister was close to the latter.  At the age of 19, the couple got engaged and the following year they were married. Unlike other royalties who get their rings designed, Diana selected hers from a Garrard jewellery catalogue.  The white golden ring which consists of a 12-carrat sapphire with 14 unique diamonds, now belongs to Duchess Kate Middleton. Also, for her wedding, Lady Diana did not go forward with one of the vows – ‘obey’.

Her favourite restaurant was San Lorenzo’s which is still one of London’s trendiest dine-ins. This eatery was her usual place to meet her friends. She also shopped at Mark and Spencers regularly, but the store let the Princess select her items privately behind closed doors.

Her favourite dessert was bread and butter pudding, and she would often enter the kitchen when her chef used to make this food item. Princess Diana raised her kids open-mindedly and did not always treat them as royal kids. For instance, she used to bring her boys to Disney World, McDonalds and AIDS clinics, to let them have a normal life. Her favourite colour was pink, and she often wore different shades of it. Given that she was an active humanist, the Duchess sold 79 of her dresses and collected $5.76 million, which she donated to AIDS and Breast Cancer Charities.

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