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October 29, 2021

Devon vs Cornwall: Which is the Ultimate Staycation Hotspot?

When it comes to staycation spots in the UK, two names always come up: Devon and Cornwall. Both are extraordinary spots with their own unique pros and cons, and it can be a bit difficult to choose between the two. 

If you’re looking to figure out which one is best for you, check out this quick guide covering the details of both the UK’s top staycation spots. 

Holiday Parks in Devon

There are four holiday parks in Devon that truly stand out: The Devon Holiday Parks near Woolacombe. 

These four parks are a unique feature for any holiday because they function as one big park. You pay one price, and you can use any of the four parks you wish whenever you want. 

This adds a huge level of variety to any holiday since each of the four parks has its themes. There’s the fancy Gold Coast park featuring multiple indoor and outdoor pools with slides and splash zones, saunas, spas, and a terrific view, the Woolacombe park that’s right alongside the beautiful Woolacombe beach, the traditional campground that lets you reconnect with nature, and a family-oriented park that features pools, children’s play areas, and an easier walk to the beach that’s accessible for younger children. 

Getting access to all four of those options makes it possible to have a cost-effective holiday that caters to the whole family’s taste, and there’s plenty of variety to make longer staycations never get dull. 

However, there are only two beaches that are considered nearby to the park. The Woolacombe beach is visible from the Woolacombe park, and visitors can easily walk from their accommodations to the beach within a matter of minutes. Near the traditional campground, the sandy coves of the Bristol Channel make for a relaxing and natural getaway. 

In terms of man-made attractions, the holiday parks in Devon offer the most variety and a better bang for your buck. You can also rest assured that every experience will have an unmatched level of quality. However, beach lovers may want to consider Cornwall for reasons we’ll go over, now. 

Cornwall Holiday Parks

Cornwall’s main holiday park is in Newquay, and it’s likely the park you’ll look at when you go to book your staycation in the area. 

The Newquay park offers a modern-themed resort with accommodations that are both families friendly and suitable for couples or groups of friends. The park also has three pools, splash pads for children, children’s play areas, and saunas that help adults find deep relaxation with ease. 

You don’t get multiple parks with various themes, though. That’s a unique perk of the holiday parks in Devon. 

Instead, you get a beautiful location surrounded by 11 nearby beaches. The beaches are one of Cornwall’s best selling points. Most of them can be reached via a short drive with relatively little traffic on most days, and those that can’t are accessible with a brief walk from the park. 

For beach lovers, having 11 options to choose from and a high-quality park to return to is the perfect staycation. However, you won’t get the same variety that you’d have at holiday parks in Devon. 

The Final Verdict

For people who love the beach, Cornwall is an amazing option. However, Devon Holiday Parks beats it in every other way. There are four different parks to choose from for the price of one, each option provides unlimited opportunities for different types of fun, and while beach access is slightly more limited, there are two stellar options available within walking distance.