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February 25, 2019

5 Things Business Travellers Should Look for in a Serviced Apartment

Looking for the right kind of accommodation is always important, but it becomes even more so when you’re travelling for business. Many business travellers take advantage of serviced apartments, and here are just five things they should look for when booking.

  1. Laptop-Friendly Workspace

One of the best things about serviced apartments is having space to spread out and get some work done, so it’s well worth checking that your chosen place has a laptop-friendly work area. Look for plenty of desk space, plus a decent chair for working in during the day.

  1. Fast Wi-Fi as Standard

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a serviced apartment that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, but some still charge for that service or else offer a substandard connection. If you’re travelling for business, a strong connection to the internet is a necessity, so make sure it comes with your accommodation as standard.

  1. Room for Multiple People to Work

As mentioned above, it’s vital you find a serviced apartment that provides plenty of space for you to work. However, you might also want to find somewhere with enough space for multiple people to work at once. This is especially important if you’re putting something together with colleagues or hosting meetings with clients.

  1. High Standard of Amenities

Serviced apartments should provide a wide range of amenities for your convenience. Before making your booking, make sure those amenities are of a high standard. The kitchen should offer everything you’d expect at home, and all the appliances should be modern.

  1. Central Location

Finally, don’t forget to look for a central location. It’s easy to focus so much on the accommodation itself that you forget where it’s located. Picking somewhere central will help you attend meetings and make events across the city without having to rely too much on public transportation.