UK Coast
January 16, 2019

Winter In The UK Doesn’t Always Have To Be Gloomy

Many tourists are seeking winter breaks in the British territory, enticed by the allure of beautiful landscapes and a plethora of activities. The mild temperatures and abundance of nature make the British territory an ideal destination for winter holidays. Visitors can revel in a host of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, while also immersing themselves in the area’s rich cultural heritage.

However, it is essential not to underestimate the severity of the winter conditions. Ignoring this could lead to perilous situations. Therefore, it would be wise to utilize a reliable weather station (click here to know about one such) or any reputable weather forecasting website to gather accurate climate information before starting your trip.

Armed with the relevant weather data, you can then plan your outdoor activities accordingly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. If you are seeking the best places to visit and the most captivating activities in the UK this winter, look no further, as we have curated an enticing list of great destinations and activities from various parts of the country.

Places to visit in winter

  • London

London is the first destination for most visitors coming from all corners of the world. There’s so much you can do such as sightseeing the Tower of London. Shop around and explore the Oxford Street lights. Already have a set date to visit London? Why don’t you save the date templates to make your trip easier.

  • Richmond Park

How can you miss the biggest UK park that’s more dazzling in the cold weather. Covering a whopping 2500 acres, Richmond Park is 3 times the Central Park in New York. Wild deer gallop around, giving you a feeling of being in the countryside for a moment.

  • Cumbria

Home to Lake District National Park, Cumbria is the most scantily populated region in the UK. When it comes to natural beauty, it is among the most spectacular areas in the country. Mountainous and breathtaking, Cumbria is a perfect destination in winter. You will find tons of inspirations if you are an artist, musician, or writer.

Eat and drink diverse culinary

When it comes to keeping visitors well fed, Bakewell comes front and center. This is a market town where tea rooms and pubs are a stone’s throw away. You can enjoy all sorts of local foods such as red wine sauce, plum crumble, sandwiches, and homemade cakes.

You might want some Japanese-inspired cuisines. Then, Shrewsbury is the place to be. Here, you’ll also find the best lunch spots serving miso-crusted salmon, Korean barbeque rice, and noodle salads. Also yummy is Thai street foods in the neighboring market. Other seasonal pastries served with Indian food are available as well. Before you leave Shrewsbury, be sure to taste chicken momos with sesame or tomato dipping sauce.

Watch UK snowflakes

Men, angels, and fights have one thing in common- snow. You don’t need to get scooped up in the house all day long. Get out and watch snow falling from vantage points. Take a sofa and a blanket to add a little magic to your winter.

Go ice-skating

Winter season means minced pies and mulled wines but it could be more exciting if you get your skates on. Twirl around an ice rink of your choice. Most ice rinks in the UK are lit up during winter. Nothing screams winter holiday like spinning around an ice rink when it’s freezing outside. All you need is a thick woolen hat and cashmere.

While all of these are great activities to try during winter, don’t feel guilty when your body wants to simply remain indoors, cuddling up in front of the fireplace with your favorite book and a yummy hot chocolate. Because you are not alone on this list. Many people stock up on their fuel supply well in advance from the likes of Dutch Oil & Propane, so that they can enjoy the cold days just like you without worrying about running out of heating oil.

But we would advise you to try and maintain a balance between the cosy night-ins and adventurous day-outs. Did you know that some destinations in the UK look even more beautiful during this season? Don’t let that biting wind or cold drizzle hold you back. You don’t need to see the UK cities as grey. As mentioned above, there are several places that take a dramatic kick. Form atmospheric landscapes, savory foods, and skating, choose what makes you smile, and have an awe-inspiring winter.