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April 25, 2018

Why Buy Real Estate in Comporta?

What kind of investor takes an interest in real estate in Comporta? Or should that be, what kind of investors should be looking into the best real estate Comporta has to offer?

Let’s put it this way – if you’re the type of person who values exceptional natural beauty, endless beaches and pristine blue seas, exquisite wines and local produce, some of the world’s most revered golf resorts and a year-round climate that’s the envy of Europe, Portugal could well be the place for you. Particularly given the fact that in many overlooked beauty spots like Comporta, it’s more than possible to pick up an absolute bargain.

A Different Way of Life

In terms of primary points of appeal, those who revel in the Portuguese way of life don’t exactly miss the rat race. A concept which, for the most part at least, simply doesn’t exist in some of Portugal’s most picturesque locations. Along with incredibly warm and welcoming local communities, Portugal boasts a lifestyle where spending time with friends, relaxation and general enjoyment go over and above the usual 21st century pursuits.

Traditionally, Portugal has been a popular place for foreigners to purchase second homes for holiday use and rental purposes. Usually, such outsiders settle in beautiful cities like Viana do Castelo, where they can experience the best of adventure sports (similar to kitesurfing Viana do castelo) and the native culture. That said, these days, more movers, especially from across the UK and EU are relocating permanently to Portugal. Even if planning to continue working full-time upon relocation, the quality of life enjoyed by those who call Portugal their home is on an entirely higher level.

After all, swapping grey skies and cold winters for the promise of more than 300 days of sunshine every year is an appealing prospect for most.

Limited-Time Investment Opportunities

When the financial crisis of 2007 eventually released its stranglehold on the Portuguese economy, the housing market was in the depths of an unprecedented lull. Investors pulled out of deals all over the country, new developments were abandoned and even getting the most basic of mortgages became incredibly difficult. In the meantime, things have stabilized significantly and are once again returning to strength.

For the time being however, average property values across many key regions in Portugal remain considerably lower than they were before the financial crisis. As such, it’s still more than possible to find the kind of bargain that simply wouldn’t have been available a decade or so ago.This, despite the fact that the future outlook for the Portuguese property market in general is reassuring to say the least.

Suffice to say therefore, the current golden era for investment opportunities won’t be around for long.

Simplified Relocation and Investment

Such is the determination of the Portuguese government to attract overseas investment that a number of tax privileges and general incentives have been introduced over the years. One of which being a tax reduction from the usual 48% to 20% with certain types of property investment – tax being abolished for those of retirement age altogether. The process of settling and obtaining citizenship has also been streamlined and simplified significantly, further increasing the appeal of Portugal as a whole.

Depending on where you look and which development company you work with, property prices in general remain comparatively low. In fact, typical property values on two-bedroom apartments in many of Portugal’s most popular resorts remain up to 30% lower than at the height of the property boom a while back.

Once again however, the very best deals on the market right now aren’t expected to be around for long. Whether looking to buy into Portugal for personal reasons or as a potentially lucrative investment, now really is the time to make it happen.

The Appeal of Comporta

Despite having traditionally gone overlooked in favour of some of the country’s more famous resorts, Comporta is slowly but surely gaining the recognition it deserves. Many of those who’ve experienced Comporta just once or twice compare it to St Tropez as it was around 25 years ago. Others see it as a little slice of Ibiza on the Portuguese mainland.

In reality, while such comparisons are entirely understandable, they also doComporta very little justice. Stunningly beautiful, deeply historic and with a unique culture all of its own, Comporta is unlike anywhere you’ve seen or experienced, anywhere in the world.

Home to the largest concentration of rice fields in the country, the landscape of Comporta is 100% unique from top to bottom. Regardless of the time of year you visit, you’re guaranteed a rich and dynamic tapestry of natural assets unlike anywhere else in Portugal. Beautifully broken by countless canals and waterfronts, Comporta is a simply enchanting place to encounter.

Occupying one of the most stunning strips of coastline in the entire country, the contrast between Comporta’s crystal blue seas and the lush pine forests that line its inland areas is no less than breathtaking. As the region hasn’t experienced nearly the kind of commercial development as neighbouring Portuguese resorts, it retains the kind of undiscovered ambience that’s no less than priceless. Bursting with citrus trees and with the intoxicating aroma of pine forests on the breeze, Comporta represents a picture postcard snapshot of paradise the likes of which is beyond compare.

The Best of All Worlds

Despite being positioned no more than an hour’s drive from the beating heart of Lisbon, Comporta couldn’t feel more further removed from typical 21st century living. The village of Comporta itself is compact. Actually, it’d be more accurate to call it tiny. Picturesque in the extreme and bursting with wonderful ways to spend days in the sun, the local dining scene alone justifies permanent relocation to this unspoiled gem.

Nevertheless, when many people refer to Comporta, they include the surrounding regions. The Herdade da Comporta is a magnificent stretch of coast between the Sado Estuary and the sea comprising seven hamlets: Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueira and Comporta. Each of which has the kind of local charm and timeless beauty you simply won’t find anywhere else in the country. Relocating to Comporta essentially means tapping into the heart and soul of seven inspiring hamlets for the price of one.

Unsurprisingly, property rentals suddenly see an enormous spike in interest during the warmer months of the year. Comporta is the kind of place that attracts more discerning sunseekers and locals – the vast majority of international tourists sticking with the most obvious Portuguese resorts. As such, Comporta never becomes uncomfortably crowded, though property letting opportunities throughout most of the year are attractive to say the least.

Some of those who buy into Comporta enjoy the mild winters Portugal has to offer, before using their properties to turn a healthy profit the other nine months of the year. What’s more, given that commercial property development in and around Comporta is subject to heavy restrictions, the value and appeal of existing properties is only expected to skyrocket over time.

The bottom line therefore is relatively simple. If you’ve been giving thought to Portuguese property investment for any purpose whatsoever, considering Comporta comes highly recommended. While it’s not to say the more typical and obvious Portuguese resorts don’t have plenty to offer, Comporta’s charms are in a league of their own.

To call Comporta an up-and-coming resort would be unfair, as this is one picturesque Portuguese hideaway that’s never going to experience the unfortunate over-development of many of its neighbours. Nevertheless, with demand for quality properties across the region growing like never before, it’s only a matter of time until Comporta’s bargain investment opportunities are wiped out, once and for all.