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September 29, 2021

Visit Weymouth Dorset

Visits to Weymouth Dorset are increasingly popular nowadays. This lovely coastal town is nestled on the famous Glynneath River with the adjacent Wye River flowing through it. This beautiful town has a lot to offer for both visitors from all over the globe. It’s home to many lovely gardens, quaint pubs and lovely beach-houses. There’s also a popular horse riding experience in the Sheerness Riding Experience.

When visiting the town there are many different things that you can enjoy. The Dolphin Splash is one of the most exciting water slides around. This slides is definitely for thrill seekers only and is not for the faint hearted. You can also visit the flooded River Stour Wildlife Park for a real wildlife experience. You’ll find many rare birds, and a large variety of fish and amphibians.

If you prefer shopping to seeing the sights there is always the Weymouth Market Pier. Here you can wander around the grounds and look at all of the wonderful stalls. There are many great things to buy, and there’s also the Weymouth Arts Centre where you can see and enjoy performances throughout the year. If shopping is not your thing but you still want to experience the beauty of this coastal town, there are trips available which can also take you to many interesting sites.

The Weymouth Sea Life Centre in Weymouth is a wonderful experience. Not only will you get to see many fish species up close but you’ll also get the chance to learn more about the marine ecosystem in the area. For a small fee you can take a short trip out to sea. This is sure to be a popular attraction with kids.

In addition to these exciting events there are many other things to do in the lovely town of Weymouth. For example, did you know that the Royal Institute of Art actually has a permanent exhibition happening every month? Each month there is a different artist, who will be showcasing his or her work. During October you’ll find the likes of Sir Paul Taylor and Marina Picasso. This is a wonderful chance to take in some British art while visiting the lovely town of Weymouth.

Finally, if you’re looking to go on a little holiday you should really consider taking a trip to the town of Weymouth Dorset. You’ll find plenty to do here, as well as visiting some beautiful and historic buildings. The town is truly a hidden gem in Dorset and well worth a visit during your next trip to Dorset.