UK Coast
September 6, 2017

UK’s best hidden beaches

On the rare occasion that the sun is shining in the UK, a trip to the beach is a must; cue the screaming children, crowds of people and obstacle course of sandcastles to avoid. For all the fun without the frenzy, take a trip to one of the UK’s best hidden beaches, where space is plentiful, and the only noise you’ll hear is the waves lapping the shore.

Coves Haven, Holy Island

Most people visit Holy Island to marvel at Lindisfarne castle and the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, but hiding along the north shore of the island is yet another treasure, Coves Haven. This quiet, remote beach is only accessible on foot along the coast or through the sand dunes from Holy Island village. Head there when the tide is low to explore fascinating rock pools, or simply sit back, breathe in the sea air and admire the views.

Moor Sands, Devon

Devon is full of stunning beach hotspots, but none are as secluded and other-worldly as Moor Sands. Situated in Prawle Point, one of the UK’s most southerly points, this little beach invites visitors to relax, unwind and soak up the beauty of the English coast. The sand is made up of tiny beads of white quartz that are hugged by turquoise blue waters. Book a B&B nearby with Toprooms to feel a million miles away from the rest of the world, in your own Devonshire heaven.

Fidden, Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides

If you’re one for an adventure, take a journey to the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, where you’ll be rewarded with white sandy beaches and water so blue you’ll think you’re in the Caribbean – until you jump in that is. The sea at Fidden beach can be a little chilly, but the sunsets, wildlife and complete tranquillity will have you embracing the colder climates. Grab your tent, pack some woollies and camp under the stars by the beach for the ultimate escape.

Llangennith beach, Wales

If you’re a keen surfer looking for a quiet spot to catch a few waves, pay a visit to Llangennith beach, located on the most westerly part of the Gower Peninsula in Wales. This stretch of coast is rugged and wild; look out for the City of Bristol paddle-steamer ship wreck that appears when the tide is low. Venture to the north end of the beach, and you’ll be able to see the island of Bury Holms, which can be reached on foot depending on the tide.

Nanjizal, Land’s End, Cornwall

Are you willing to travel to Land’s End for the ultimate beach getaway? Nanjizal beach, perched on the Penwith peninsula at the very tip of West Cornwall is almost untouched because of its remoteness. Make the journey down to see the Song of the Sea, a tall, natural arch in the rocks caused by the sea’s natural erosion. The unusual formation is framed by the bluest of waters and fascinating caves that are just waiting to be explored.