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December 22, 2017

Training Tips and Exercises for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of best outdoor activities for nature lovers. It is challenging and those who choose to engage in it are able to discover things and qualities about themselves that they didn’t know they possess. The adrenalin rush associated rock climbing is another factor that makes this sport enjoyable with participants claiming to feel much more alive with each climb. Participants are also able to build their endurance and this comes in handy when one is faced with challenging life situations. With all these in mind, those who are interested in rock climbing should not engage in the sport without proper training. This is because rock climbing is a dangerous sport and users may suffer fatal injuries when they engage in it without proper training. To help your prepare for next rock climbing expedition, here are training tips and exercises for rock climbing.

  1.      Strength and climbing technique.

Your strength to weight ratio is very important when you are climbing vertical or near-vertical surfaces. You should not have items on you when climbing so as to reduce the effect of gravity on you as you are climbing. Avoid carrying bags when climbing and wear light clothes and climbing gear as this added weight lowers your strength to weight ratio. You also need to improve your technique to be able to climb effectively. Proper technique will help you remain in balance and avoid falling off cliffs. You should learn proper handling skills and you can use a rock climbing training board for this. When it comes to moving up the rocks, it is advisable to use your legs to push yourself up so as free your hands for balance and coordination. Using your hands to pull yourself up is not advisable since your arms may cramp up and this may compromise your stability.

  1.      Set your training schedule.

You need to train regularly to improve your rock climbing skills. You should, therefore, come up with a schedule for your rock climbing training. An ideal schedule would be three to four workouts in a week divided into three days dedicated to strength training and at least a day for cardiovascular training. You should combine your workouts with climbing exercises in a climbing gym or with real rocks for the best results. You can concentrate on your workouts and use the next week for your climbing practice. Your workouts will improve your conditioning and the climbing practice will prepare you for the real thing.

  1.      Cardio exercises.

Those looking to participate in rock climbing should make cardio workouts part of their training regime. Cardio workouts improve your flexibility and this will come in handy as you navigate those tricky channels along the rocks. Take part in cardio exercises at least twice a week and end the sessions with static and dynamic stretches.


Rock climbing is fun and enjoyable. It is also dangerous and those who choose to participate in it should train properly so as to improve their climbing technique.