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August 6, 2018

Things to Avoid When Playing Escape Room Games

The idea of playing escape rooms is great. You have the chance to solve different clues and work your way to the end. Some groups succeed in their goals while others totally fail. The point is that you have fun and you try your best to come up with the results that you have desired to see. It is a game that is played by a group. It is also a game that is limited by time. There are certain obstacles along the way that you have to prepare for. Here are a few things to avoid when playing escape room games, so you will win.

Being selfish

You play this game as a team. Always remember that you are not the only smart person in the group. There are other people who are just as good as you are or even better. Trust them to also help out. Yes, you know the challenges and you are confident in yourself. The thing about escape rooms is that they are very tricky. For instance, Omescape London was designed by an expert in escape rooms. Just when you thought you already knew everything, you will realise that you are wrong and there is another way to solve the problem. Someone else from the team might be able to figure it out. Therefore, not allowing your ego to get in the way is extremely crucial.

Staying too long on one problem

There are many ways to solve the problems to reach the end. There is no single solution that you should dwell on. If you get stuck, move on. Don’t obsess over one issue since if you let yourself remain there, it could affect the rest of the game.

Flocking in one area

It helps if you communicate your ideas and thoughts well. If someone has found a clue, this person should shout it out so that everyone knows what it is. It does not mean though that everyone should go there to read the clue before moving. It helps if you remain where you are and just listen to what was said. You can clarify things by asking questions, but you have to keep moving.

Looking at the clock all the time

The time limit will always make you feel pressured. Don’t let it happen. If you are looking at the clock while playing, this could really hurt your chances of winning. Just let time pass. Do what you think is important to make you win. In the end, if you make it before the time runs out, it is great. You might also assign someone to be your official timer to inform everyone, of the remaining time only at a certain point in the game. This keeps you on track without necessarily getting pressured.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will come out after the game and be proud of your team’s accomplishment. You should also have the confidence to do more the next time.