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August 7, 2018

Taking a Holiday Is Healthy for You and Here Are 4 Reasons Why

There’s a reason why company vacations are part of the business routine. Healthy vacationers make healthy workers. Companies have taken a lesson from recent medical studies to ensure that they have healthy employees not just for the usual company team building attempts but also for the overall promotion of health of their employees. Here are a few reasons why taking a vacation is good for you, as a worker and an employer.

Vacations give various health benefits

Besides the change of environment that can definitely improve health by being away from urban environments, vacations lower stress which lowers the risk of heart attack for men (30%) and women (50%). In addition to that, vacations improve mental health stability. A survey that was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh found that leisure activities resulted in greater responses of positive emotions and lesser negative emotions. For some people, going on a vacation can be a luxury that doesn’t come around often, so when they eventually do have a chance to get away they want to go all out and do it in style. This could mean picking an exclusive destination or looking into the cost to charter a private jet to take them away in full luxury.

Vacations take the edge off

There’s a reason why articles which appear on the Not in the Guide Books Blog are dedicated to representing vacations and the pleasant experience that they bring. It’s because it works. The work environment is bound to be filled with stress and deadlines, that’s why being placed in a different environment such as a trip in the country is shown to be a great stress reliever. Lower stress levels are found to be directly related to individual performance levels.

Properly planned vacations increase health benefits

It doesn’t just need any vacation to take the edge off. We have all had the experience of being a part of a poorly planned vacation. Studies have shown that poorly planned vacations make people less happy because of the anticipation they’ve had for the trip. A 2010 survey noted that 28% of the people that had a bad vacation were those who left planning to the last minute. It’s key to not just plan vacations but to understand the type of demands that a vacation trip needs. Otherwise, it could spell a disastrous and stressful activity instead of a promising and stress-relieving weekend.

Vacations help regulate better sleeping patterns

Being in the workplace can often lead to being placed in time-pressured situations and deadlines. This leads to people taking their sleep time for granted and ruining their body clock. When we’re at work, we often have too many things to think about with too little time to spare. Vacations help in interrupting this mindset by curing sleep disruption and late-night reading by putting your mind at ease without the threat of work deadlines and giving you the opportunity to bring back a healthy and natural sleep pattern.

Though some could see travelling as an act of leisure to escape work, it turns out that there’s nothing with that at all. Taking a break, every once in a while, is a good virtue to uphold in the workspace. The benefits of a properly planned vacation to uplift spirits last not just during the trip but even back in the workplace.


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