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September 26, 2017

Safety Advice for Parents During Firework Season

Firework season is upon us! And while many people are keen to check out all of the fireworks on sale, for parents, it’s a time to consider the safety issues that go with hosting firework displays at home.

Summer is over, albeit too quickly, and now is the time to enjoy the chillier months and the activities that accompany them. As Bonfire Night is around the corner, the period leading up to Christmas is often referred to as ‘firework season’. It’s a very exciting time for children, parents and anyone else who appreciates the booms, bangs and sparkles of fireworks.

While some people like to attend public firework events, others prefer to host displays at home with friends and family. This is a fantastic opportunity for a get-together with some food, drinks and, of course, the bonus of fireworks. Despite being on a smaller scale than professional fireworks, the ones you can let off at home are still very dangerous if handled incorrectly.

If you’re a parent who’s planning on hosting your own firework display, it’s important to take the following advice on board.

Always Read the Instructions

This may sound like the simplest and most obvious advice, but for some reason, it’s something that less and less people do these days – which is strange when you consider how much more advanced everything is getting. Fireworks aren’t complicated to use, but they can be extremely dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing, so always read the instructions.

You’ll notice the instructions on the packaging when you buy fireworks. This is basic, yet useful advice from the manufacturer to make sure you and your children are safe while using their products.

Buy Fireworks that Suit Your Needs and Surroundings

Whilst hosting your own fireworks night gives you a chance to add a personal touch, not every firework will be suitable for your situation. Buying fireworks that suit your needs and surroundings will be essential to keep everybody safe. It won’t prevent you from putting on an awe-inspiring and entertaining display, but a little restraint and planning can make sure everything (literally) goes off without a hitch.

For those who are very enthusiastic about putting on the best display possible, you’ll have plenty of choices when the time comes to buy fireworks that will impress both children and adults. If you’re more concerned with the social aspects of your night instead of choreographing the perfect display, then you still have plenty of smaller-scale options such as sparklers that are perfect for keeping your kids entertained.

Aside from the fireworks themselves, you should also consider any aspects of your surroundings that could cause issues during a display. Overhanging trees can prevent fireworks from taking flight and causing them to explode on the ground, which could lead to injury or damage to property.

Fireworks with Pets in the House

If you’re a pet owner but have a family that’s all excited about the prospect of a firework display at home, it can be a tricky obstacle. Animals such as cats and dogs can become extremely distressed when fireworks are going off – a fact that firework companies have acknowledged and done their best to cater for. As well as regular fireworks, there are also quiet fireworks for sale. These provide fewer booms and bangs, making them more pet-friendly, but are still visually amazing.

Pets naturally want to run and hide when they get scared, so while fireworks go off, it’s vital to keep them secure in the house and provide plenty of areas where they can hide and feel safe. If you have a dog, it’s a smart idea to walk them during the daytime if possible, meaning they won’t need to be walked at night and they won’t have a massive amount of energy in the evening. But in the event that your dog exhibits severe signs of panic and anxiety during fireworks, it would be wise to take your dog to a vet (click here to explore some options). Vets may prescribe medications for fireworks anxiety in dogs, such as Diazepam (Valium) and Acepromazine. In any case, keep an eye on your beloved pet at all times and ensure your fireworks setup makes things as comfortable as possible for them.

Keeping Children Safe on the Night

The curiosity of young children is a beautiful thing, but understandably, it will forever worry parents – even more so during firework season. As the host of your own firework display, you’ll have to guests keep entertained, well-fed and (depending if it’s a school night) it might be your job to keep the alcohol flowing, too. Despite these tasks, with children present, your number one priority should be keeping one eye on them at all times.

At no point should kids be lighting fireworks or even sparklers on their own. Supervision is essential for anything firework-related. Establishing some sort of line that children shouldn’t cross when fireworks are being lit is a good idea. This will prevent them from getting too close to anything harmful. It’s also vital if anything should go wrong, because your kids will be far enough away that they are still out of harm’s way.