UK Coast
August 18, 2017

Planning the Perfect Beach Party

A perfectly planned beach party is a special occasion that guests will remember for years to come. By dedicating a small amount of time to planning and preparing beforehand, you can help ensure your perfect day runs as smoothly as possible.

Finding Your Perfect Location
Beach type is essential. From shingle beaches, to sandy white beaches and even sand dunes, choosing the right beach for your party is the most important factor. More importantly, once you’ve found your location it is worth enquiring about tide times. There is nothing worse than turning up to a beach party only to find the tide has just come in! Local boards or the BBC Tide Tables website section can help you plan your party time around this.

Beach Rules and Instructions
Does your selected beach have any restrictions placed on it at the time of your party? Some beaches have a strict no dog rule, whilst others are more relaxed or maybe even seasonal. This is worth checking out if any guests are planning to bring dogs to your party. More importantly, you may not wish to host a beach party on a beach that allows dogs roaming free; especially around your food and drink!

Party Food and Drink
No beach party is complete without good food and drinks! If you’re not sure where to find good cocktails, it may be a good idea to order soft drinks online and make some cocktails on your own for the party. Once again, be sure to check any rules regarding BBQs and alcoholic drinks beforehand. Small BBQ’s or disposal ones are perfect for these occasions. All types of finger foods are good choices, alongside disposable plates and cups to save you time on preparation and clean up. For those extra special occasions, what better way to complement your beach party than with champagne! The internet is a brilliant place to find bargains when buying bulk food and drink. Therefore, set aside some time well in advance of the event in order to search for BBQ food ideas and various deals on champagne. You needn’t have to empty your bank to hose a great party.

Seating Arrangements
Gazebos and windbreakers are perfect items to use for a beach party. They can also shield from all kinds of unplanned weather including sun, rain and windy conditions. Seating arrangements also are worth considering. Do certain guests prefer to be seated with a table and chairs or will they be content with sitting on the sand? A combination of seating is ideal for a wide age range.

Beach Activities
The beach is great for party games and from a simple kick around with the football, to a full-blown cricket match, all ages can be entertained. A selection of beach activities can be easily purchased from many shops. It is worth spending a few minutes before hand setting out a few safety measures and guidelines, in particularly where young children are concerned, with possible safety zones sectioned off.

Above all, be respectful of the beach and those around you. Beaches are public places and shouldn’t be taken for granted. By adhering to the rules of each location and being mindful of where you are, it’s possible to have the perfect beach party.