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August 17, 2018

Incredible Costless Materials for Bathroom Décor

Home decorating might be a sensitive topic for some: after all, it mostly costs money. Scratch that thought. There are a lot of practically costless ways to revamp any room in the house with materials lying around and left unused.

People should also get rid of the idea that a bathroom should only contain ceramic, tile, or waterproof furniture. There are endless possibilities that you can do if you plan to redecorate your bathroom, without needing to spend a lot of money.

Here are some everyday objects in the home that you can use for making your bathroom incredibly aesthetic.

  1. Crates

Crates, when stacked vertically, can serve as a shelf, and they give a rustic feel to bathrooms. The best part is that any box container left unused in the attic or garage can do this trick, as long as they are sturdy enough like wooden crates.

  1. Paint

If you have leftover paint from previous projects and have no intention of using the cans again, consider painting certain surfaces in the bathroom to make them pop out. Some ideas include the radiator, a particular side of the wall, the tub, the shower pods, and various bathroom furniture items.

  1. Colour

Having a unified colour scheme makes any bathroom look like a luxury—and arranging this does not even require purchasing anything new, it simply needs grouping similarly coloured bathroom essentials, such as shower curtains, toothbrush containers, and towels, and then using them at the same time. Think of matching the colours in the same way you would match the colour of your shirts, jewellery, and shoes.

  1. Picture frames

Picture frames are the most versatile home décor, and that means they also work well even in the bathroom. A creative way of using these in the bathroom is framing inspirational quotes instead of plain photographs. That way, you will feel inspired every time you go to the bathroom.

You can snatch some of those picture frames form the living room and transfer them to the bathroom, and scribble your favourite quotes on them yourself. You may also look through old magazines for these.

  1. Lamps

Do you have extra lamps in the study? Study lamps, especially those with adjustable arms, serve as excellent additions to the bathroom sink. With lamps, you can convert the bathroom into a vanity room instantly, and it only requires moving objects from one place to another in the house.

Possibilities are endless 

There are plenty of costless ways to turn an average bathroom into a dazzling one. Looking through your old unused furniture stuck in the basement, garage, or attic serves as a flea market of sorts, only it does not require money: just a little creativity.

With that said, there are thousands and perhaps endless numbers of possibilities that one can make use of when redecorating not just the bathroom, but any part of the house.