UK Coast
September 12, 2021

Great British Coast Holiday Parks For Wonderful Getaways

Despite being only a relatively small piece of land, Great British beaches are blessed with more than 11,000 kilometers of coastline to view. From the tranquil locales of Cornwall to the majestic cliffs and rugged coastline of Northern Ireland, the British Isles possess much to offer. A picturesque little lake one day and the wild and spectacular temper the next, each day in the water is never the same; the great British coastal area has a unique magnetic pull that draws back every visitor, year after year. A land that has not seen many wars or even major outbreaks of serious disease, Great British beaches have managed to survive the centuries with a largely intact character and aesthetic sense. This, coupled with the fact that the coastline, while not very long, is extremely wide, offers something for everyone from families who just want to go for a walk on the shore to couples who want a romantic getaway on the tranquil waters of the British Isles.

The United Kingdom has a great British coast located along the shores of North Europe. Known worldwide for its world-class sandy beaches and a wealth of cultural heritage, this country is also known for its diverse, beautiful natural landscape. For this reason, the United Kingdom is a great place for taking coastal walks. Located on the shores of North England, from Cornwall to Norfolk, the United Kingdom has some of the most spectacular, unspoiled, and awe-inspiring British coastal walks that anyone could ever imagine.

Of course, the Great British Coast isn’t just about popular coastal communities. It is actually an overall term encompassing a vast array of historical and tourist attractions that have earned great appreciation around the world. towns, villages, parks, castles, and more along the coastline have been award wining with prestigious awards throughout the years. Some of these include; the Golden Triangle Tourist Authority, which is an award winning tourism organization which promotes a cross-culture experience across the three counties of England – Cornwall, Norfolk and West Norfolk. Also, the National Trust, which is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to protecting the heritage of the land, and preserving its wildlife.

One of the best known, and beautiful tourist attractions in the United Kingdom are the Isle of Wight. Located off the west coast of the country, the Isle of Wight is one of the prime locations for a great British coast vacation. This stunningly beautiful island has been awarded the title of one of the top 10 places in the UK for best seaside tourist experiences and receives an incredible annual number of visitors. There are actually over 120 different sites to visit on the Isle of Wight alone. Some of the more popular tourist attractions include the famous Isle of Wight lighthouse, Dunster by Candlelight, and the Great Orme, all of which boast of being ranked within the top 10 places in the whole of the United Kingdom for seaside experiences.

Another popular and heavily frequented area on the shores of Cornwall is the county of Cornwall. The largest county of England, and the second largest in the whole of Europe, Cornwall sees over six million visitors each year. The main towns and cities on the Cornwall’s coast include Woolacombe, Truro and Carlisle, which all boast of excellent coastal views, along with a wide selection of great British coast hotels. Some of the most well-known Cornish towns and villages include Bude, Ilfracombe, Falmouth, Porth Wen, Iona, Ambleside, Stretton, Croyde and Waterhouses.

These are but some of the popular tourist destinations found on the shores of Great Britain. This list could continue indefinitely, as it illustrates the enormous number of destinations across the country that offer great British coast holidays. Each of these towns and cities provides something special to visitors, whether you seek a quiet stroll, an outdoor activity or just an idyllic beach holiday. A large amount of Cornwall’s coastal communities are in extremely remote areas of land, which make them ideal for people who wish to live off the beaten track and away from the madding crowds. Indeed, this is just what the people of these communities are aiming for, as they seek to make a lifestyle that blends with the natural beauty surrounding them. For this and other reasons, spending time in the Cornwall region is definitely worth every minute and every penny.