UK Coast
June 12, 2016

Gadget Fix

Dive, dive, dive in a sleek submersible, play retro games on a mini-console, program your bed to make itself and raid a cool-looking fridge packed with tasty high-tech kit

Mellow submarine
Ortega MK 1C submersible

Reinvent yourself as a Bond villain with this sleek submersible. The Ortega is inspired by a motorised, submersible canoe used by British special forces in the Second World War. Powered by two 10KWh electric thrusters, the Dutch-made Ortega can reach nine knots (17kph) on the surface and 11 knots (20kph) under water. It’s 6.5 metres long and carries three passengers. It is equipped with on-board breathing apparatus and a heads-up display but sadly no periscope. Range is 148km and it can dive to depths of 95 metres. €tbc,
Spin master
Raptor AR smart biking sunglasses

Not looking nerdy enough on your 21-speed, drop-handlebar racer? Here’s the perfect addition to your meticulously matched Lycra gear. Named Raptop AR, the heads-up display goggles use augmented reality to provide the rider with information including distance covered, speed, heart rate, cadence and power. Operated using a controller mounted on the handlebars, there’s turn-by-turn navigation, voice commands plus a built-in 720p camera. €tbc,
Radio days
Aldi mini-DAB and FM radio

Aldi’s pint-sized DAB radio would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. The retro-styled wireless device is available in black, red, cream or green. Featuring an LCD display and 20 preset stations, it can be operated via battery or the mains. The cowbell-shaped radio has a wraparound carry handle and built-in alarm clock with snooze function. €34.99,
Console yourself
RetroEngine Sigma mini-console and media player

Relive the defining gaming moments of your youth with this palm-sized retro console, which is creating waves on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. RetroEngine Sigma is a plug-and-play system that runs games from classic machines including the Atari VCS 2600, Sega Genesis and Commodore Amiga. It comes with 15 pre-installed games and a single controller, but thousands of titles can be downloaded from the internet and installed via the provided 16GB microSD card. A smartphone can be used as a keyboard or second controller and the system also doubles as a 4k media player. First deliveries begin in April. €55,
Down load
SmartDuvet self-making bed

This app-controlled inflatable sheet could consign one of the most boring household chores to history. Placed between the duvet and outer cover, the grid-like sheet is inflated by a blower that sits under the bed and makes the bed by itself. Users can make their duvet at preset times using the app on their phone. The Kickstarter is halfway to meeting its C$30,000 (€21,400) fundraising goal with two weeks left to run. €188,
Cool runnings
Samsung Family Hub fridge

The Family Hub is six grand’s worth of refrigerator packed with tech including a 21.5in high-definition LCD touchscreen and cameras that let you see what’s inside from your phone. The built-in tablet is internet-enabled and comes with a range of apps. Users can sync daily schedules, stream music or upload photographs to it. You can even leave notes for family members reminding them to pick up milk on the way home. Our favourite feature its the ability to digitally tag food items on screen so you use them before they go mouldy. €4,199- €6,199,