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November 14, 2017

Fight your insomnia with weighted blankets

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is nothing more than a heavier type of blanket that may be used to help people relax or to aid the treatment of the symptoms of a range of psychological issues and disorders, such as anxiety, loss of sleep and stress. They typically weigh anywhere between 4 and 14 kg, depending on the size of the blanket and the body weight of the user – the optimal weight is 10% of your body weight, but some people love to add some more to it. This will be heavier than a comparably-sized duvet or blanket and the additional weight induces a “grounding” or “earthing” effect on the body by pushing down on it during sleep to provide a calming effect and also simulate deep pressure touch (DPT) therapy, which uses firm pressure from hands to reduce anxiety and stress.

The relaxing effect of a weighted blanket

The extra pressure that is provided on the body by a weighted blanket has been presented in lots of research from numerous prestigious studies to reduce the levels of cortisol: a stress-related hormone. Similar to a small dosage of CBD oil (like those described at, weighted blankets can also trigger the release of serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood and eases relaxation. Furthermore, serotonin is necessary to create the chemical melatonin, which is a hormone that helps to control the body’s wake and sleep cycles. It is crucial to fight insomnia and not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep and wake up relaxed. Together this balancing of hormone levels: serotonin, melatonin and cortisol, in the body can make it easier to calm down from the strains of work or life and ease tension in the mind so that you can fall asleep in a heartbeat. What’s more, the heavier weight of the blanket around the body is intended to feel like getting a hug – quite simply providing an incredibly relaxing feeling and even easing the loneliness that may be a kind of therapy.

Weighted blankets to help improve sleep

These days, along with self-care habits, people tend to opt for medical cannabis for insomnia. If that option is something feasible in the region where you reside, you may want to give that also a try to cure insomnia. If not, you can always rely on a weighted blanket. The quality of a person’s sleep and the ease of falling soundly and quickly sleep at night can be improved by using a weighted blanket in bed. This is achieved directly through the production of melatonin and indirectly due to the relaxing and stress-reducing effects of a weighted blanket, described above. They are therefore recommended as a simple solution for anyone suffering from insomnia to help them to overcome sleep problems without the need for any medication or other treatments – without the hassle of seeking medical care or risking the possible side effects of taking medication to cure the problem.

The use of weighted blankets post-training – that may cause insomnia

Training and exercise can leave the body stiff and sore, with muscles aching for days afterwards if not treated properly. Even after proper warm-downs and stretching, the body will still feel the effects of prolonged strain that a serious workout can cause and will be fatigued for some time. A common way to treat this is with cold treatment of an ice bath – often used by footballers and long-distance runners after matches or training, for example – or the more localized use of ice packs on specific areas – easily stored at home in the freezer and applied specifically where needed. Alternatively, but in the same manner, recovery can be assisted with the use of heat – often practiced in gymnasiums after training by using a sauna, steam room or turkish bath, or again applied locally at home with a heat pack, that can be microwaved to the required temperature when needed. A weighted blanket can be another tool for the assistance of recovering the muscles after exercise. The extra pressure from the heavier blanket and simulated deep pressure touch feeling allows lactic acid in the muscles to be rapidly metabolized, thus relieving soreness more quickly. What’s more, the benefits of a weighted blanket on sleep, already mentioned above, can help someone get a great night’s sleep after training – thus allowing for a longer and better quality rest period to allow the body to recover faster. Solutions offered by weighted blankets are hard to underestimate.

Insomnia is this problem that affects a lot of us, and for those who treat themselves with a lot of medicines and therapies, weighted blankets may seem to be a great solution. The loss of sleep impacts on many factors and fields of your life, so you shouldn’t ignore any symptoms or problems with sleep you encounter. It’s worth considering to purchase a weighted blanket for many reason. Anxiety blankets not only reduce the loss of sleep, but also they help falling asleep quicker, easier and better and staying asleep what actually could be the biggest problem for many. A weighted blanket may work wonders for those who don’t know what a good sleep is…. yet. If you’re looking for some more ways to fight insomnia, this blog post may be of help.

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