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December 22, 2017

Exploring Nature is Good for More Than Simple Pleasure

Consider for a moment what you get from nature. Is it some mental peace or clarity? Just an enjoyment of the serene? For many people, the thought is that nature can provide many great benefits for their mental health, but nothing more. This simply is not true. New research and scientific studies are showing that nature can have a big impact on other aspects of your health.

There are numerous examples of this throughout the human body. As we will show you in this article, many people are experiencing what is called “biohacking” through the use of spending time in nature. While it is an age-old practice, that doesn’t change the effects or the modern relevance.

Nature And Our Body

When we look at our body and how it changes as we spend time in nature, we can find some very basic truths. For one thing, our physiology changes drastically simply through experiencing nature. A part of the body called the vagus nerve is stimulated when we are in nature. There are many benefits of stimulating the vagus nerve, which makes it possible to live more fulfilled, but also more effective.

There is something about giving our bodies what it needs in order to make great strides towards our goals. The vagus nerve is so crucial for our overall health, stimulating it in the way that nature does could actually have long-lasting changes and drastic consequences.

This isn’t something that most people take advantage of. In fact, if you were to wear an Oura ring to track heart-rate variability (HRV) and detect stress, you would find that most people who are experiencing nature have a far lower heart rate.

Reducing stress is a key way to improve the sense of completeness and wholeness within yourself. There are many people who are unable to achieve their goals because they are simply too stressed out. This constant stress can have a knock-on effect on the body causing many other issues like jitteriness, dry mouth, upset stomach, and so on. Finding ways to calm this down is important, that is why nature walks are a good source of stress relief, as well as activities like yoga, or looking to Buy CBD gummies UK. Each one of these can be a positive action to a stress reaction.

Take a Step Back

The best thing that people can do to improve their sense of wellbeing is take a step back from the grind, from the rat race, and step into a natural setting. In many countries around the world, there are natural parks and places where we can go to enjoy ourselves, unwind from city life, and make a new beginning. When those opportunities arise, take them with vigor and excitement!