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April 10, 2018

Boutique Hotel vs. Boutique Serviced Apartment

If you want to book one of the more luxurious types of accommodation, you’ve probably found yourself attracted to boutique hotels and boutique serviced apartments. The problem comes when you need to choose between them – here are just a few reasons why boutique serviced apartments make a better choice.

Fewer Guests

A boutique hotel caters to fewer guests than a standard hotel, but a boutique serviced apartment will cater to still fewer. Your boutique serviced apartment will probably be converted from a period building, so you should only share the building itself with one or two other apartments. With less guests, the experience will feel more personal and noise during the night shouldn’t be such a problem.

Larger Living Spaces

Boutique hotels are a cut above regular hotels in every way that counts, including space – nine times out of ten, you’ll find yourself relaxing in a larger room than any chain hotel would provide outside its main suites. Of course, you can enjoy even more space when you book a boutique serviced apartment. Most will have separate rooms for living, eating, and sleeping, and even studio apartments will have a dedicated seating area and dining table.

Fully-Fitted Kitchen

One of the central benefits of any serviced apartment is having a fully-fitted kitchen at your disposal. There’s no denying that eating out can be nice, but it starts to get a little expensive and irritating when you need to head out of your accommodation for every meal. When you have your own kitchen, you can prepare healthy snacks and meals without any disruption. Whether you prefer to cook for yourself or need to stay in your accommodation and work, having a kitchen right there makes a boutique serviced apartment infinitely more attractive than a boutique hotel.

Superior Amenities

Boutique hotels and boutique apartments both serve more discerning guests, but in subtly different ways. In a boutique hotel, the focus tends to be more on creating an interesting and quirky environment. In a boutique serviced apartment, the focus tends to be more on luxury amenities. From coffee machine to carpets, you can expect everything in your room to be of the highest quality.