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June 22, 2018

5 Wheelchair Accessible Things To Do This Summer In The UK

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to get out and about in the sunshine. Who doesn’t like a bright sun, moreover? Sure, planning a trip outdoors is fun, but it also poses some serious challenges for those in wheelchairs. This is because they have to plan the entire itinerary based on the accessibility of the desired locations.

Sure, the worrying would be a little less if they have one of the Transport Wheelchairs as they are specifically designed to make traveling with a wheelchair easier. They are usually lightweight, foldable, and have smaller rear wheels that make them easier to maneuver. They are perfect for those with limited space in the car and are great for traveling.

Well, now that the first part of planning a trip, that is, traveling and reaching the destination is sorted, we can move on to the list of places that are accessible and a must-visit for all:

  1. The Science Museum in London

For those looking for an educational and fun day out, the science museum in London caters perfectly for disabled visitors with access and written material available in large print. They also hold accessible events especially for certain disabilities so they can cater to you and make sure your experience is extremely enjoyable.

  1. Chill Factore in Manchester

Disability Snowsport UK provides skiing for those who have disabilities. They have adaptive equipment and trained staff to protect and support you on the slopes. The toilets are accessible too!

  1. Eden Project in Cornwall

This one is for those nature lovers out there. The Eden project is a beautiful purpose built paradise that features a Rainforest Biome, Outdoor Gardens, A Rainforest Canopy Walk and so much more including play areas for children and restaurants and bars.

  1. Cadbury World in Birmingham

Cadburys world in Birmingham has a wide range of provisions including low level service desks and offer an access assistance guide on arrival. This is great for chocolate lovers and is a lot of fun for the whole family.

  1. Warwick Castle

Even though Warwick Castle is a medieval fortress, It has been made wheelchair friendly over the years. However, no all of the castle is accessible so it best to download their accessibility guide so you can enjoy your time without bumping into any tricky situations.