UK Coast
October 6, 2017

5 Underrated UK Holiday Destinations

You don’t always have to spend a fortune travelling to a foreign country in order to have a good time. There are so many brilliant UK holiday destinations that people may not have even considered visiting before, however they all have something spectacular to offer. Traveling to Finland or Estonia with your European Health Card is exciting, by why not quit the faff and just stay somewhere quiet and remote this year?

Knockvologan, Scotland

Admittedly, Scotland can be a very chilly holiday destination, especially during the autumn or winter months. However, if you catch it on a good day with the sun reflecting on the clear blue sea, you can have a wonderful time relaxing at this UK holiday destination. So, if spending your days chilling out on the beach is more your style, Knockvologan will be the best beach holiday that you’ve ever been on. At the end of the day, who needs exotic Maldives beaches when you can sunbathe at this gorgeous location?

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

A lot of people love visiting Blackpool, so much so that they visit over and over again. If you want something a little different this year, why not visit this quaint little Suffolk seaside town? It might not have the famous tower ballroom, but it does have stunning colourful beach huts as well as quirky shops that you can spend hours in just browsing all of the unique products on sale. With scrumptious fish and chip shops as well as quality ice-cream parlours, you definitely won’t regret coming to Aldeburgh for your UK holiday break.

Leeds, Yorkshire

For some, the best holiday is a city break style, exploring the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam or Copenhagen. But, you can experience all of this within the comfort of your very own country.
The city of Leeds is massively underrated; however, there is no end to the famous designer shops as well as museums, stunning architecture, and history. Also, the nightlife in Leeds is remarkable if you want to go wild when night arrives. Therefore, if it’s a city break you’re looking for, Leeds is perfect. Engaging in city tours provides a comprehensive view of the city’s rich cultural and historical tapestry, allowing you to delve into its architectural marvels and absorb its vibrant atmosphere. For convenient and comfortable transport during your city exploration, consider opting for coach hire. A reliable Leeds coach hire company can offer a hassle-free solution, ensuring that you can effortlessly move from designer shops to museums and then to dynamic nightlife spots without any transportation concerns.

Isle of Wight

Whilst a lot of people are aware of its existence, it’s still a much underrated holiday destination – but it shouldn’t be! Although it only takes approximately half an hour to drive across the small island, there is so much to do to keep you entertained! Why not visit the fun Blackgang Chine and let your imagination run wild? Or, to see the beauty of nature, you can grab a cable car and get up close and personal with the needles at Alum Bay. There are so many incredible B&Bs around, so no matter where you want to stay on the island, you’re guaranteed an excellent service.

Anglesey, Wales

It might have a rugged appearance, but your stay there definitely won’t follow suit. The sandy beaches available at Anglesey are beautiful, and you could spend hours there on your UK holiday just admiring the stunning views. If having a peaceful, cosy holiday is something that you’re looking for, there are so may Anglesey cottages dotted around the place, topping off your coastal experience. Plus, if you want to bring your favourite furry friend with you, many of these seaside cottages can cater for that, too, so it really is fun for everyone!