Things to Do in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is a modern port city in the Netherlands in the northeast of the country, renowned for its cobbled streets, shops, museums, and fairs.

Like most European ports, Rotterdam is best visited from the air and from the water – cruises are also an affordable way to see the city. There are regular flights into Rotterdam from all major European airports and both Rotterdam and The Hague are well connected to most European destinations by train.

The city is ringed by green hills and is also home to a number of beautiful parks. With just a day in Rotterdam it is easy to see and do everything.

1. Visit the city centre, Rotterdam

The city centre has beautiful cobbled streets which are both very distinctive and beautiful. There are several pleasant parks and gardens, including Spaarndam, where visitors can take a river tour on the iconic Doorenbosch flower boat, enjoy a drink and enjoy the scenery.

The Stadpark Rotterdam, is a very large municipal park surrounded by elegant buildings and is very popular with visitors.

2. Visit the opera house, Rotterdam

The Rotterdam opera house, located on the Damse Schouwburg in the centre of the city is a beautiful building, with a distinctive silhouette.

A walk around the inner city of Rotterdam reveals many other beautiful buildings, including the renovated Rietberg Monument and the more modest but charming Batenburg Palace.

The Golden Hall, located in the Museum Pier is a great spot to enjoy the art of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

3. See the beaches, Rotterdam

Beautiful beaches can be found in the city, which makes it a great vacation spot for beach lovers. Stadtpark is one of Rotterdam’s best beaches, and it stretches out along the water. Since CBD is legal in the Netherlands, you can even take weed edibles purchased from websites like weedsmart with you to the beach to enhance your enjoyment of the soothing sound of the waves.

4. Visit the annual Rotterdam Flower Exhibition

Another popular attraction is the Rotterdam Flower Exhibition, which is held at the Willem III Museum.

Beside the annual flower exhibition visitors can also take a guided tour to the newly opened “Art of the Sea Museum” which showcases the most exceptional examples of marine art in the city.

As well as art, the museum has many interesting exhibits relating to Rotterdam’s history and culture.

For a unique view of Rotterdam, take a guided tour of the building, the Schupoenkoren, which houses the Rotterdam Christmas Market each year.

5. Visit the museum of Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Rotterdam has several museums, with the Rotterdam Museum of Art one of the most popular attractions.

The museum features numerous exhibitions of both modern and historic Dutch art, including paintings, sculptures and fashion pieces.

6. Visit the fire station, Rotterdam

The Rotterdam fire station is located in the centre of Rotterdam on the Damse Schouwburg. Take a guided tour to learn about the history of the fire brigade and Rotterdam’s early history as a city.

7. Take a boat tour, Rotterdam

Another popular way to get around Rotterdam is with a tour.

Boat tours are available on most days of the week, with the CBD Edibles UK visitors have access to perhaps steering them in the direction of Rotterdam instead of the usual Amsterdam to enjoy boat tours, this as an alternative to what most travellers typically visit the Netherlands for.