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May 24, 2021

5 Reasons to Visit Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai Aquaventure waterpark is one of those experiences that I think everyone should have at least once in their lives. Voted the no. 1 waterpark in Dubai, it is ranked among the best in the world right next to Universal’s Volcano Bay and Blizzard beach both found in Florida. Dubai Aquaventure makes a promise to make you feel different in water, a bold statement that they keep on proving day in, day out.

The waterpark is part of a wider selection of attractions that Atlantis the Palm Resort offers. This resort is built on a man-made island called Palm Jumeirah that is a host to aquariums, world-renowned hotels, and activities that will engage both the young and the old alike.

The waterpark boasts several attractions that are comparable only to the world’s best in this field. These attractions are coupled with great deals that ensure tourists can enjoy the rides of their choice at affordable prices. Their official site promises to have your pulse racing on a range of over 25 water slides and attractions.

Opposite to what a lot of people think, you don’t have to be a guest for you to be able to attend the waterpark. This makes Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark, an attractive option for anyone considering holiday destinations. Here are other reasons why you should consider it:

The Beach

Dubai Aquaventure boasts a dedicated private beach that stretches 1km that is available only to its customers. Due to the hotels’ unique geographic location, enough

space was set aside for the creation of a world-class beach that amazes even the most enthusiastic of travelers.

The beach will be useful for people that might be discouraged by the idea of high-energy activities like water slides that seem to be readily available. A beach all to yourself should be inviting enough for you to relax while the rest of your crew wears itself down.


The waterpark has created one of the best experiences for its clients and this is because of its ability to detach its experience from that of the resort. Through ATD, the only ticket seller, Aquaventure offers a one-time admission ticket that will be valid for a day or two depending on the type.

This means that you don’t have to worry about booking a night at the resort for you to access the waterpark. Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or online, but we recommend the latter, and here is why.

This is the best place to buy Aquaventure tickets anywhere online that allows users to

make payments using both online coupons and online vouchers. Here clients are assured of bargains and great deals including ones where online coupons or online vouchers can be applied.

According to the official site, tourists can get lower prices and discounts when they purchase online tickets. This is made possible by allowing tourists to load voucher codes or coupon codes.

This great feature ensures that your trip is easier to plan and way more affordable. The site’s provision for the entry of both coupon codes and voucher codes makes it very attractive as this means that a lot of money can be saved if used correctly. ATD provides online tickets that can be used on any day as long as it lies within 14 days of buying the ticket.


Here is another option for people looking for a much-chilled experience. Aquaventure boasts around 2.3 Kilometers of interconnected rivers. All you need is a tube, and you can float away on the rivers’ lazy waters while you enjoy the exotic Dubai scenery and weather. This can also be a spot where you take breaks between the high-energy sessions. You should definitely try it out.

The Food

Visitors usually have this picture of Dubai. A posh holiday destination that promises value for your money while providing life-changing experiences concurrently. The waterpark is the perfect embodiment of this picture.

Aquaventure houses over 15 different restaurants from which different cuisines are served from. Do you fancy some Sushi? Or you’re in the mood for some Ice cream? Even if it’s Arabian food you’re after, this is the right place to satisfy and refuel to ensure you stay strong throughout the day.

The thrills

Dubai is famous as a tourist destination because of its ability to constantly evolve and look for ways to break world records, they never settle. Aquaventure takes this even further. Aquaconda which has been ranked as the “World’s Largest Waterslide” will be a step outside of any adrenaline junky’s comfort zone.

Others worth mentioning include a Shark Lagoon that one might find themselves in when they exit a slide and a waterslide within a waterslide. This last site can be added to the list of world firsts that are housed within the waterpark.