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September 26, 2017

Safety Advice for Parents During Firework Season

Firework season is upon us! And while many people are keen to check out all of the fireworks on sale, for parents, it’s a time to consider the safety
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December 28, 2016

Parenting: How to be a great dad

In this final extract from his groundbreaking new book, the top psychologist Steve Biddulph offers tips for fathers raising daughters
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December 13, 2016

Parenting: How to help girls grow up happy

Affluent, time-poor British parents are responsible for a youth mental health epidemic, top psychologist Steve Biddulph tells our columnist
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November 29, 2016

Why Mutter does it better

A new book claims we need to raise our kids the way the Germans do
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November 16, 2016

The gift that can lock you out of your care home

Giving your child a share of your house can backfire later
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